Terms and conditions

I.When renting a RentaBOX a $10 pesos guaranty charge per box will be charged, which we´ll get back to you as soon as we pick up the boxes. When the boxes are found to be in bad shape, with excessive damage, bent or broken; we are enabled to charge prices according to statement “ii”. 

II.The client accepts and is the only one responsible for having the correct care and control over the boxes rented by RentaBOX, they should not be damaged in any way (broken, bent, burnt, etc.), in case any of the boxes is damaged or lost it is the client´s responsibility to pay for the boxes as follows. RentaBOX Standard (St) $172.41 pesos+ VAT; RentaBOX Large (L) $284.48 pesos+ VAT; RentaBOX XL (XL) $344.83 pesos+ VAT.

III. When renting the Cart from RentaBox a $50 pesos deposit will be charged, which will be returned when we pick up the Cart, if it is found in the same conditions as when handed to the Client without excesive wear or broken. According to statement IV. 

IV.The client accepts the responsible for taking care and returning the RentaBox Cart which must not be damaged in any way (broken, bent, chrushed, etc.) In case any of the Carts is dameged or lost during the rental period, the Client accepts the responsabilityof covering the cost of any Carts los or dameged for the amount of $500 pesos+ tax each.

V.The client is the one responsible for scheduling delivery and pick up times. If the client is not present or does not let us know in advance of changes in the delivery or pick up schedule, transportation charges may arise.. 

VI, The Client accepts the resposability of returning all products in the time and date agreed previously. In case more time is needed the minimum rental period is half a week if the rental time is from 1 to 3 days, if the additional time is from 4 days to 7 days a full week of rental will be charged. If the boxes are not returned in 30 days and no comunication between the Client and Rentabox de Mexico S.A. de C.V. exists, the Client accepts to buy the products which were not returned as follows. RentaBOX Standard (St) $172.41 pesos+ VAT; RentaBOX Large (L) $284.48 pesos+ VAT; RentaBOX XL (XL) $344.83 pesos+ VAT; Cart $500 pesos+ VAT.

VII.The client accepts to pay transportation charges when delivery is outside the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, and/or when delivery or pick up is at an excessive distance from our storage facility and/or when the amount of the service requested is equal to or less than $1,000 pesos. 


Last Modification Date: 25 of June 2020.

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